Get More Home With Better Financing!

Financing is available for all types of credit including no credit and even bad credit.

Terms up to 30 years.

Down payments as low as 5%.

Credit Repair

Buyers with lower credit scores often are required to make a much larger down payment and are charged a higher interest rate.

Let us help!

Achieve the highest credit score possible.

Obtain a lower down payment and a lower interest rate!



Available Financing Packages


Home Only

This type of loan uses only the home as collateral. The home may be located in a park, on your land or on third party land. With this type of loan, your land will not be tied up.

Home and Land

This type of loan allows you to finance your land and Improvements with the home in a single payment. The land can be land you propose to purchase or land you already have under contract.


This type of loan allows you to use equity you may have in your land instead of using cash for a down payment. With this type of loan, your land must be free and clear.

Payment Estimator

The results of this loan payment estimator are for comparison purposes only. Other factors will effect your payment, such as insurance, taxes, mortgage insurance, and other costs. Speak to your loan officer for details.